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The place I love the most

I’ve recently heard the song with such words:

“I’m telling you,

You won’t regret your journey,

A favourite place of mine

The place I love the most.

So, I thought about the place I love the most. What is it for me?  I invite you to this place. It’s  Rivne, my home town, the place where I was born.

Rivne is not only the regional centre but also a picturesque town with lots of trees, bushes and flowers. If you want to escape from noise of the town and enjoy the freshness of air, you should go to the central park. It’s a very popularplace both with children and adults. There is a wide choice of attractions such as merry-go-rounds, swings, climbing frames. Young people prefer going to the Swan Lake Park. Except swans you can admire forged figures.

If you are a great theatre-goerRivne offers the Drama Theatre and the Puppet Theatre.They are famous for their successful activities. We can get entertained as by theatres as by cinemas. There are two big cinemas in Rivne. You can always find the film you’d like to watch.

From all Rivne museums I like  the Museum of Amber the most.The pride of it is the collection of insects playing the musical instruments. It looks fascinating!

I’d like to mention about Rivne Zoo. I’m very proud of it. It’s the home for 200 species of animals. People enjoy spending weekends there. It’s my favourite place too.

You should come and see these and other beautiful places of my native town.

I’m sure Rivne is the best town in the world. I’m happy to live there!


Maksym Nyzhniov, form 8-A, school-lyceum 19

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