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Nowadays the question of joining the European Union is widely discussed everywhere and by everyone. But, does Ukraine need Europe? And does Europe need Ukraine? Well, there are different points of view to this question. The following essay takes a look at both sides of the argument.

To start with, a union with Europe will bring us lots of benefits.

Firstly, the citizens will get a chance to have proper life conditions; I mean personal apartments, cheaper house-hold machines, cars, etc.

Secondly, Ukrainian students will be able to choose the place for further education.  They will get an opportunity to study not only in their Motherland, but, being equal to foreigners, in any country, that is a member of the EU.

Thirdly, our medical service will be improved thanks to new technologies and specialists from Europe. Besides, Ukrainians will be able to use an economical experience of Europeans who made impressive results in such spheres of industry like machinery building, textile and chemical industries, mining and others.

But on the other hand, joining the EU also has some disadvantages for Ukraine. For example, even now foreign languages are wide spread in our country. And after uniting with the EU Ukrainian language will be nearly pushed out by other ones. The same may happen with our culture and people.  Mass Media will be filled with foreign movies, music and TV programmes. As a result it will kill Ukrainian modern culture.

Weighing up both sides of the argument, to my mind, it’s not really necessary for Ukraine to join the EU. We’ve got our independence not so long ago and I don’t think we should lose it again. At first Ukraine has to become a really strong country, otherwise it will be suppressed by other states. Everyone knows that reaching some standards in economy and political life is an essential part of becoming a member of the EU. And I think if we reach those standards ourselves (I mean, without being a member of the Union) we will be able to build a new wealthy country on our own as well.

No doubts, our country has many problems, but if we respect the history, traditions and culture of the country we live in, we will be able to overcome all the difficulties.

To sum up, everything depends on us only. We should believe that we can reach our goals if we try hard. We should hope for the best. Even not only hope, but do something. Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask yourself and think what you can do for your country. We should tell people abroad about our Motherland. I strongly believe that we are Europeans. I am proud to be Ukrainian. I am proud of Ukraine, because Ukraine means Europe and I am the part of it.

Автор есе: Клічук Ірина Олегівна, учениця 10-Б класу,;

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